Petascale storage and cloud computing for big data challenges in environmental science

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Data-intensive computing

JASMIN provides the UK and European climate and earth-system science communities with an efficient data analysis environment. Many datasets, particularly model data, are too big to be easily shipped around: JASMIN enables scientists to bring their processing to the data.

Flexible data access

JASMIN provides new ways for scientists to collaborate in self-managing group workspaces, enabling models and algorithms to be evaluated alongside curated archive data, and for data to be shared and evaluated before being deposited in the permanent archive.

Scalable future

JASMIN enables CEDA to carry out its mission of data curation and facilitation more efficiently. Fast, parallel, scalable storage provides a home for in-demand archive data, while a virtualised server infrastructure provides a more capable base for delivery of CEDA's data centre services to the science community.

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