Industrial Research Partners

Industrial Research Partners

We also aim to support researchers within commercial organisations who work on partnership or for the UK research community.  We welcome applications from Industrial Research Partners who meet the following criteria

Criteria 1:  Non – Profit Nature of Research

The research conducted using the JASMIN Infrastructure must be non-profit in nature and satisfy one of the following conditions:

An Individual from an Industrial or Commercial organisation must be  actively engaged in research funded by a non profit research organisation such as Natural Environment Research Council, European Space Agency or European Commission.


The individual must be participating in a non-profit research project with a UK based academic partner who is eligible for a JASMIN  account  

Criteria 2:  UK Research Interest   

The JASMIN activities undertaken must be considered to have a UK based research interest.  Applicants must satisfy one of the following conditions:

The individual’s organisation must either be based in the UK and the funding organisation must be UK based. 


Have an academic project partner based in the UK

Criteria 3: Scientific Remit

The area of research must fall within the broad research remit of either National Centre for Atmospheric Science, National Centre for Earth Observation or within the broader remit of their parent organisation the Natural Environment Research Council.  For information please visit the relevant website below

If you feel you satisfy the above criteria you can apply for a JASMIN acount by following instructions here: Getting Started.

Commercial Partners                                

No commercial activity should be conducted on the JASMIN infrastructure.  If are interested in using computational resources to support such activities please contact the Satellite Applications Catapult who will be more than happy to discuss commercial opportunities with you.


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