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JASMIN Services

The JASMIN computing infrastructure supports provides two classes of services: compute and analysis services (shown in orange below) and data services (shown in green). Both sets of services are managed by the Centre for Environmental Data Archival (CEDA).  

JASMIN infrastructure

What can a user do?

There are three basic ways that users interact with JASMIN: 

  1. They can utilise websites run by CEDA (and others) deployed on JASMIN. In practice users need not be aware that they are using JASMIN at all.
  2. Users might interact with  the JASMIN generic systems described below: the login service, science analysis machines, and data transfer machines.
  3. A user community can apply to create their own Group Workspace, and possibly deploy their own computing infrastructure using either virtual machines or the cloud interface. Users within such communities will then interact with their own computing infrastructure, which itself utilises JASMIN. Such users might also utilse JASMIN generic services, in particular the login service and the data transer services.

Generic JASMIN services

External access (from institutions other than JASMIN's host institution, the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) is provided by the SSH login gateway and data transfer nodes, located outside the RAL firewall. Only minimal software is installed on these machines. The data transfer machines give access to Group Workspaces via scp and rsync-over-ssh (and should only be used for such). Similarly, the login gateway machines should only be used as a "hop" to machines designed for specific purposes inside the firewall.

General purpose scientific analysis virtual machines (VMs) jasmin-sci1.ceda.ac.uk and cems-sci1.cems.rl.ac.uk are provided as multi-user environments for data analysis and are equipped with a maintained stack of software, the JASMIN Analysis Platform. Further specialist VMs are provided for projects with specific needs or the requirement for dedicated access and are shown in blue. These are often provided as part of a package of support to particular projects, alongside an allocation of fast, parallel disk known as a Group Workspace. 

User perspective

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