Get CEMS Account


If you consider youself to part of the NCEO  scientific community you are eligible to apply for a CEMS login account.  If you are unsure if you belong to the this user group or would like to make a special case please go to the JASMIN user community section .

Access rules for CEMS login account:

You must accept the access conditions associated with this service in the JASMIN acceptable use policy. You will be asked to agree to these conditions when you click on the button below. Once you have accepted the conditions CEDA needs to perform checks to ensure that you are entitled to have access. This may involve checking with authorisors, such as the dataset PI, and will take at least one working day to complete. Before you apply will need to have an exisiting CEDA account


Once we have approved your account you will have access to the CEMS services which incudes LOTUS and the JASMIN Analysis Platform.  If you would like more information on other available services go to the JASMIN services section.  If you have specific needs please contact the  CEDA Helpdesk where we will be happy to assign a JASMIN project support contact who can discuss them further.

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